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Eric Bibb - The Happiest Man in the World

Eric Bibb: The Happiest Man in the World Review by Living Blues

Eric Bibb is a prolific musical marvel. For example, in the last six years, he has released by my count nine recordings (including two live discs) that reflect an amazing range of diverse musical influence and sound: African/Mali music (Brothers in Bamako). Cajun/Louisiana (Deeper in the Well), Huddie Ledbetter (Lead[…]

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Eric Bibb: Cross Rythms interview

As Mike Rimmer’s 2008 Cross Rhythms interview with revered US-born and Helsinki-based bluesman Eric Bibb showed, the man is arguably the leading light in acoustic blues music. He has quite a pedigree. The son of singer and actor Leon Bibb, the young Eric was not unaccustomed to various folk and[…]

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Eric Bibb: The North Country Far interview

Eric Bibb is on the phone and he is animated. He seems to be happy. Really happy. He might just be The Happiest Man in the World. He is in a mood to talk about his latest release, recorded in the countryside with a group of old friends. At first glance it would be[…]

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Eric Bibb - Limited offer 2015/09

Limited Edition Offer

We have a very limited offer of autographed Eric Bibb photos with cd purchase. SO limited in fact, that we only have 13 of them! Purchase any 2 single cd’s for 30€ ( plus postage) and receive a limited edition autographed photo – (numbered). To the shop

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eTown episode featuring Eric Bibb and Dayna Kurtz

The eTown episode featuring Eric Bibb and Dayna Kurtz begins airing around the country, via podcast, etc. starting next Wednesday (8/19 – 8/25). Tune in here! You will be able to  grab the free podcast here. The podcast is also available in Stitcher and various other podcast directories as well. Folks[…]

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