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Twelve Gates to The City

During a recent conversation about possible definitions of Heaven and Hell, my friend Brian Luna said, “Hell is the experience of being separated from God”. I agreed with him and realized that, for me, singing spirituals keeps me connected to Heaven…

Forcibly torn from their homeland and their traditional ways of worship, my African ancestors eventually embraced Christianity and chose Jesus as their spiritual leader. Their faith was undoubtedly the key to their survival in a harsh new world. The spirituals that grew out of this faith were so powerful and loaded with timeless wisdom they grew wings and traveled far and wide. These songs are the gift of countless unknown bards who were touched by the Holy Spirit. This collection also includes several original songs of mine, which I feel are compatible with the traditional spirituals.

Recorded in the glorious Canadian Rockies at Banff, these mostly solo versions of songs I often include in my concerts represent what I consider to be my strongest talents as a musician. Sharing this CD with you is a dream come true.

Love and Light,
Eric Bibb
Banff February 1st, 2006