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Eric Bibb: The North Country Far interview

Eric Bibb is on the phone and he is animated. He seems to be happy. Really happy. He might just be The Happiest Man in the World. He is in a mood to talk about his latest release, recorded in the countryside with a group of old friends. At first glance it would be easy to categorize this record as one of Bibb’s most personal statements. But to do so would be a disservice because he cares very deeply for each of the albums he has crafted. As a true professional, he seeks to maintain a reputation as a troubador with a top notch catalog and few peers. That said, this is one of his most personal statements to date.

On this new collection from Stony Plain Records themes of marital bliss and a slower, more intentional way of living abound. The band is stellar, and augmented by none other than Danny Thompson on bass. Thompson brings his wealth of experience and innate genius to the session and the result is sublime.

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