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Eric Bibb’s “Ridin'” Earns Grammy Nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album

We are thrilled to announce that Eric Bibb’s latest album, “Ridin’,” has received a prestigious Grammy Nomination in 2023 for the Best Traditional Blues Album award. The recognition marks a significant achievement for Eric Bibb, a talented and revered figure in the world of blues music.

Ridin’, Repute Records debut release produced by Glen Scott, has captivated audiences with its soulful melodies, profound lyrics, and masterful instrumentation. The album is a testament to Eric Bibb’s enduring commitment to the blues genre and his ability to craft music that resonates with a wide audience.

In a heartfelt message to his family, friends, and fans, Eric Bibb expressed his gratitude and reflected on the significance of the Grammy Nomination:

“Dear Family, Friends, and Fans,

I’m taking this moment to deeply breathe in all the love I feel coming from you all, thankful that together we’ve come so far. This Grammy Nomination for the album Ridin’, produced by Glen Scott, my brother from a different mother, feels huge. For me, it acknowledges not only the music, but the history of courage and commitment that so many of our sheroes and heroes have passed on to us. My gratitude is boundless.

Eric 🙏🏾”

As we eagerly await the Grammy Awards ceremony, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Eric Bibb and Glen Scott for their outstanding work on “Ridin’.” We encourage all music enthusiasts to experience the magic of this nominated album and join us in celebrating the indelible mark it has made on the world of traditional blues.


Produced, Mixed & Arranged By Glen Scott.

Engineers: Glen Scott, Chris McGreevy, Joel Hamilton, Niclas Lindström, Daniel Bracken, Larry O’Malley, Danny Boivin.

Mastered By Larry O’Malley.

Atomos Mixes & Masters By Dyre Gormsen.

Studios: Repute Recording Studios, Studio G, Brooklyn, Atlantis Studios, Audiobec Studio, Quebec.

Executive Producer: Jesper Wikström.

A&R: Glen Scott.