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Eric Bibb’s “Ridin'” Receives Acclaimed Recognition as “Quarterly Best” by The Association of German Record Critics

Eric Bibb’s latest album, “Ridin’,” has firmly established him as a legendary artist in the Blues genre, affirming his exceptional talent. The esteemed recognition from The Association of German Record Critics highlights the exceptional artistry and musical excellence found in this outstanding record.

Being named a “Quarterly Best” among New Releases for the Third Quarter of 2023 by this discerning group of critics is a significant milestone. It not only acknowledges the immediate impact of “Ridin'” but also underscores its enduring significance in the world of Blues music.

In the words of the jury member Karl Leitner: “From the very first note, you can tell that this is Eric Bibb. That voice and the colour of his music are unmistakable. »Ridin’« follows »America« (2021) with equal conviction. As always, he reveals his attitude towards what is happening around him on both a small and a large scale. His lyrics are those of a political thinker, equally imbued with spirituality based on an optimistic worldview. His criticism uses the language of love. With this album, he more than lives up to his reputation as »The Boss« of the Blues.”

In celebrating Eric Bibb’s “Ridin'” as a “Quarterly Best,” we not only honor the artist but also recognize the boundless potential of music to touch hearts, heal souls, and ignite change. This award is a resounding affirmation of Eric Bibb’s enduring legacy and his continued dedication to the craft of Blues music.

The talented people behind the album “Ridin'”:

Amar Sundy

Ash Haynes 

Agnese Stengrevics 

Bruno Boussard 

Cedric Watson 

Chris McGreevy 

Christer Lyssarides 

Chuck Anthony 

Daniel Boivin 

Daniel Bracken

Danny DeVillier 

Dirk Powell 

Dixie Frog 

Dyre Gormsen 

Esbjörn Hazelius 

Glen Scott 

Grant Dermody 

Habib Koité 

Harrison Kennedy 

Ida Sandlund  

Jan Malmström 

Jesper Wikström 

Joel Hamilton 

Jontavious Willis 

Lamine Cissokho 

Larry O’Malley 

Michael Jerome Browne 

Nicci Notini 

Niclas Lindström 

Ola Gustafsson 

Paris Renita 

Russell Malone 

Sophia Ongley 

Staffan Astner 

Steve Jordan 

Stuart Ongley 

Taj Mahal 

Tommy Sims 

Ulrika Bibb 

UMOJA choir

(Leonella Bosch, India Scott, Aretha Scott, Linda Butseme, Rachel Idrona Biirah, Nicole Grenhagen, Jasmine Ahmad, Livia Panico)