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Hosted by Corey Harris, a MacArthur Grant recipient, and featuring American Folk & Blues musician Eric Bibb, True Blues chronicles the extraordinary living culture of the blues in an evening of music and conversation. True Blues vividly brings to life this crucial wellspring of American music.

Corey Harris is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and band leader who has carved out his own niche in blues. A powerful singer and accomplished guitarist, he has appeared at venues throughout the world. He began his career as a New Orleans street singer. In his early twenties he lived in Cameroon, West Africa for a year, which had a profound effect on his later work. This journey was documented in Martin Scorseses’ The Blues: A Musical Journey. Corey has recorded many old songs of the blues tradition while also creating an original vision of the blues by adding influences from reggae, soul, rock and West African music. Some of his imaginative compositions are marked by a deliberate eclecticism; other works stay true to the traditional blues formula of compelling vocals and down-home guitar. With one foot in tradition and the other in contemporary experimentation, Harris is a truly unique voice in contemporary music.

Grammy nominee Eric Bibb has become a familiar face – and voice – in the U.S. and Europe. Nominated for nine W.C. Handy Blues Music Awards and winner of the Best Newcomer title in the British Blues Awards, Bibb has been appropriately described as “discreetly awesome” and “a total original.” As his popularity escalates, earlier comparisons to legendary greats Ry Cooder and Taj Mahal are being replaced by quotes that speak to Bibb’s ability to “use standard blues ingredients to cook up something all his own.” Bibb’s rich and sensitive vocals and lyrics provide a perfect balance to his fine finger picking technique. Blending various genres effortlessly, Bibb creates a traditional, rootsy American style with a subtle, contemporary sensibility.