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Eric Bibb & Habib Koité Trio – Theater Casino Zug

The two heavyweights of the genre step into the ring. The public can hardly wait. The speaker introduces them. “Ladies and gentlemen, in the red corner, one of the foremost blues musicians of his generation, described by ‘The Times’ as have a voice to die for. Mr Eeeeeric Biiiibb!“ Applause, shouting, stamping of feet. “Against him in the blue corner, one of the most important vocalists of all West Africa, steeped in the heritage of his traditional music but with a taste for the experimental. All the way from Mali, Mr Habiiiib Koitééé!“ More cheering and clapping. “Seconds away, round one. What do you mean, they’re playing with rather against each other? Really? We should be so lucky!”