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Eric Bibb is coming to Australia!

Ever on the move, pursuing a career spanning five decades, never resting on his laurels, Eric Bibb has a full bag of stories to tell from around the world and here he comes, bringing hi s new album Global Griot with him.

Global indeed, recorded in France, Sweden, Jamaica, Ghana, Canada, the UK and the US ! If the expression “World Music” were notso problematic and much misused as a marketing tool it would suit Eric’s approach. But don’t get it wrong: He is first and foremost a “blues brother”- an old school bluesman who finds ways to expand his domain.

Always the entertainer, the educator and the motivator, Eric Bibb,continues to resonate with what is currently happening in the world today.

Eric Bibb – vocal, guitar
Staffan Astner – guitar
Neville Malcolm – bass
Paul Robinson – drums

plus guests TBA

Tickets on Sale Tuesday December 18th 2018:

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