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The acclaimed blues/roots guitarist and songwriter Eric Bibb has produced his finest set of recordings to date in the new album, 'Get Onboard'. Recorded in Nashville and completed in Stockholm, the album features Bonnie Raitt and Ruthie Foster as guest performers. 

'Get Onboard' has been in the works since recording began in Nashville in May 2007. Eric is joined by a stellar line-up of musicians headed up by Bonnie Raitt (slide guitar on "If Our Hearts Ain't In It") and including a duet ("Conversation") with Ruthie Foster. The Nashville band included producer Glen Scott on keyboards and backing vocals, Tommy Sims (Bruce Springsteen, Kelly Clarkson, Eric Clapton) on guitar, bass and backing vocals, Lemar Carter on drums (Carrie Underwood, Joss Stone, India.Arie) and other Nashville musical luminaries. Producer Glen Scott then took the tracks back to Stockholm to complete with his own 'house' musicians - many of whom appeared on Bibb's previous album 'Diamond Days'. 


Eric describes his latest creation as follows: "My new album 'Get Onboard' is, without a doubt one of the most exciting projects of my career. It's a further exploration into the place where blues meets gospel and soul.




1Spirit I Am
2The Promised Land
3New Beale Street Blues
4Get Onboard
5If Our Hearts Ain't In It
7River Blues
8Deep In My Soul
10God's Kingdom
11Step By Step
12Stayed On Freedom

Get Onboard

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