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With Jericho Road, Eric Bibb gives a personal vision of today's world in his own poetic and contemporary way. Born and raised in New York, Bibb has traveled the planet extensively. He describes the people of this earth at length here, conjuring their conflicts and hardships, as well as their compassion, tolerance and empathy.

"Jericho Road" was produced by Glen Scott, a young Englishman originally from Jamaica endowed with outstanding talent and creativity. Scott's lavish musical arrangements and attention to sound make this new recording an exceptionally fine production.

Eric gives a whole new meaning to the blues of the 21st Century, proving that the genre remains as lively and relevant as ever. Jericho Road is an event in itself, and a superlative album.




1Drinkin Gourd
2Freedom Train
3Let the Mothers Step Up
4Have a Heart
5The Right Thing
6Death Row Blues
7Can't Please Everybody
8The Lord S Work
9With My Maker I Am One
10They Know
11She Got Mine
12Good Like You
13One Day at a Time

Jericho Road

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