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Eric Bibb Guitar Tab Songbook – Volume 1


For this long awaited songbook, Eric Bibb has re-recorded ten of his best known songs. In the CD you will find a solo guitar recording and a guitar plus voice recording of each song. The DVD contains two filmed versions of each song, shot from different angles, plus technical explanations. The CD Rom is comprised of tablatures, sheet music and lyrics. Enter the magical world of Eric Bibb and play his songs!


Fans have been requesting it for a long time. Eric Bibb chose ten of his songs that he plays regularly on stage to complete this Songbook, Vol  1.

It includes a CD, a CD-Rom and a DVD :

  1. The CD contains ten songs specially re-recorded by Eric with a solo guitar version and a voice + guitar version.
  2. The CD Rom includes tablatures, sheet music and lyrics.
  3. The DVD features Eric playing the songs. Each of the ten song has been filmed from different angles: one shot is facing Eric with close up on both hands shown simultaneously on a split screen; another shot is filmed from top with a different angle on the left hand. A third segment provides technical explanations.

The songs are :

  1. Champagne Habits (guitar)
  2. Champagne Habits (guitar & vocal)
  3. Come Back Baby (guitar)
  4. Come Back Baby (guitar & vocal)
  5. Connected (guitar)
  6. Connected (guitar & vocal)
  7. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (guitar)
  8. Don’t Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down (guitar & vocal)
  9. Goin’ Down Slow (guitar)
  10. Goin’ Down Slow (guitar & vocal)
  11. In My Father’s House (guitar)
  12. In My Father’s House (guitar & vocal)
  13. Needed Time (guitar)
  14. Needed Time (guitar & vocal)
  15. On My Way To Bamako (guitar)
  16. On My Way To Bamako (guitar & vocal)
  17. Saucer ‘N Cup (guitar)
  18. Saucer ‘N Cup (guitar & vocal)
  19. Sebastian’s Tune (guitar)

This tool brings the keys to Eric’s way of playing and allows anyone who doesn’t own any of Eric’s album to play and sing some of his most beloved and famous songs using the tablatures, the sheet music, the lyrics, the recordings of solo guitar playing and of guitar playing with voice.


6 reviews for Eric Bibb Guitar Tab Songbook – Volume 1

  1. Phil

    Thank you so much Eric for this amazing job you did… As a guitar player I appreciate all the tools you give us to practice and being better… Can’t wait to see you on stage again, (last time was in Nancy’s NJP, with my Son). Believe me, I always saw you as MY Own Private Mississippi John Hurt 😉
    Since I saw your Right Thumb power on the videos, i’m completely sure about this…
    Take Care of Yourself;
    Thank you again.

  2. Sophia

    – Either everyone you shoot is good loikong or you capture their beauty with your lens. Both? More good music recs- thanks! He’s got heart throb good looks a la James Dean.

  3. JC (verified owner)

    Have had the honor of seeing EB live in and around the San Francisco Bay Area many times over the years; I asked him one time after a show if he could ‘please, please compose a songbook of some of his songs’…he said he would, and he most certainly has delivered. Thank you, Thank you, EB!!

  4. Moritz

    Thank you, it´s so wonderful!
    still waiting for vol. 2!
    Bibbs version of “ain´t no more cane on the brazos” is desperady been missed, as well as so many others.

  5. Morten (verified owner)

    This instructional video is amazing and I’ve learned a ton from it. For example, playing a song in A-shape but in dropped-D tuning, like in Goin’ Down Slow, really opens up a lot of possibilities. Thank you so much, Eric Bibb!

  6. Matt

    This is perfect!! Well done! Wonderful videos ans having the technical explanations helps a lot.
    Im really hoping there will be a vol. 2!
    Thank’s a lot.

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