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Rainbow People







  1. Catalina Estimada
  2. Lonesome Child Blues
  3. Look Over Yonder
  4. Candy Man
  5. Sunday School
  6. Lead Me, Guide Me, lead vocal, Cyndee Peters
  7. Encuentro En La Estacion
  8. Going Home
  9. Rainbow People

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  1. Zenilda

    Moonbear: why thank you! Actually, I don’t think I have ever seen a deer’s tongue, much less an Amish one. I kind of like the notoin that lots of these heirloom veggies have names that are non sequiturs.Monica: Good point, checking the seed against the environment where it grows. Sometimes that is such a big hurdle for gardeners: they think it’s their lack of skills when it’s just a variety that doesn’t like their garden (no offense)! But I like the idea of coming up with my own seeds and naming them, of course. It is a dying art, certainly.

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